Travis Handschug

Photos & comments by Travis Handschug


Weathering techniques  used to finish the AMS cars

Step #1: Add grain to the boards with an X-acto #11.

Step #2: Hit it with a light mist of red spray paint. 

Step #3: Hit it with a mist of light tan along the bottom.

Step #4: Use a fiberglass eraser to bring some of the lettering back.

Step #5: Dry brushed a few boards with a dark tan artist acrylic. 

Step #6: Apply a heavy wash of black India ink and alcohol. 

Step #7: Spray with Dullcoat. 

Step #8: Apply tan powders along the bottom edges, black and white powders around the top and bottom of the car, especially around the door.


Step #9: Distress the roofwalk with #11 blade.

Step #10: Paint roofwalk with a combination of acrylic tan and gray paint.

Step #11: Paint Murphy roof gray, use a stippling technique, then added black powders
               to blend everything together.

Step #12: Dullcoat to seal everything.

Photos & comments by Travis Handschug