Chamatiago HOn3

Itís Journey

The Early Days. 1998

The CHAMATIAGO & SOUTHERN, originally created by Steve Pettit,  is a freelance representation of the 3 foot railroads that struggled through the Colorado Rockies.

It features Scratch built bridges, kit bashed rolling stock and structures.

Track is Railcraft code 70 with Shinohara turnouts.

All rockwork is precast plaster formed in moulds, then coloured to represent South Western Colorado.

There are over 150 hand made trees on the layout using wire and rope.

Chamatiago & Southern.

Recycling a one piece layout, to become more portable.

Many months went into planning, before I cut up individual sections of the layout.   It could have turned into a nightmare, but in the end, I was extremely happy.

Planning & patience was the key to success.

3 months of planning and layout is finally back as one