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Models & Photography by Brian Nolan

Photography by Mario Rapinett

Photography by Mario Rapinett

Photo by Frank Bernard

Brian was one of the nicest most giving people in this hobby I ever meant. I am proud He considered me a close friend .

He never said a cross word to me ever . He was always upbeat as those of you who knew Him know to be true .

He was funny , witty , charming , He was simply Brian .  I never saw anyone progress in the hobby so fast . He had natural & amazing talent .

Not only the modeling world , but the world in general will be a little darker without Him in it . Words cannot express How I feel right now .

Jon Addison


It is with the greatest sadness that I post this news regarding my very best friend Brian.

Dave Revelia

photo by Richard Schintzler

I was very fortunate to have spent a lot of time at conventions and shows with Brian and Dave.
Always had a great time and so willing to share everything he knew about modeling.
I called him on a number of occasions to ask a modeling question and Brian always took the time to give me a detailed answer.
I'll never forget the first time I met Brian and Dave.
It was in Timonium, MD at the Great Model Train Show in January '04.
Here's a picture i took.
From L to R.... Dave Revelia and Brian Nolan.

regards  Rick


Brian sharing and giving back to the hobby.

photo by Richard Schintzler

Tributes pour in from around the world, via Model Railroad Forums and Print Media

Here are a few

Brian & I go back 20+ years when I lived in Florida and was building contest dioramas for fun and which later became a business. Brian would come to the train shows where my models would be displayed (sometimes I would have as many as 12 large, lighted displays) and Brian would stand there for hours studying the models. I remember the time I told him that if he was not going to buy one to move along so that someone else could see the model. Brian laughed and turned to me with that big grin of his and we were friends from then on.
  Brian's death was an awakening for me and I have now promised myself (and my wife) that I will get back into building models for fun again.
 I know that he would be embarrassed about all the fuss being made, but Brian was an genuinely, kind individual and the world could use more people like him.

What a great loss to the hobby and to his friends. Brian Nolan, an absolute artist in his modeling, friendly, caring, sharing with his talent and his humor, gone too young, will be missed by all. I feel blessed to have shared an afternoon with him in Cripple Creek and Victor, a day that I will cherish...a day that really opened my heart to what a special and wonderful person he was. It fills me with sadness to think that I will never again see him at a Convention, enjoy his droll humor or marvel and be inspired by his incredible talent and ability.

Brian has been my mentor and the driving force behind me in the world of model Railroading. I was more fortunate than most, Brian took me under his wing and spent almost every Tuesday

one of the most fun-loving guys I have ever met, and owner of the greatest smile of all time- may he rest in peace.

I only new Brian through his videos,, and RLF, he was an inspiration. The modeling community will miss him. My prayers are with the family, and many friends who will grieve this tremendous loss.

I too was one of Brian's "students" he took me under his arm and showed me many techniques. I spent one Saturday at his home finishing up my sawmill. I have always tried to emulate him by giving back as he did, now I will try even harder. Heaven will not be the same now, they better look out!
I can hear his boisterous laughter even now.

My wife Janice and I met Brian at the Craftmans Structures Shows, and have since met up with him at Narrow Gauge Conventions. While he was a fabulous modeller, We were both taken by his outstanding friendliness, his eagerness to pass on his skills to others and his patience with those of us less skillful. I will always remember seeing him sitting at his table on the stage of the CSS show surrounded by the ladies (including my wife)all eager to learn the art of painting hydrocal and building walls.

The only thought I have at the moment is that I was lucky enough to be around and say he was a friend even if it was only on the internet.

Brian was part of, one of the best weeks of my life, the 2006 NG convention in Durango. Spending time with Brian was so refreshing, as he would always lift your spirits with his warmth and humor. He always made any gathering more enjoyable with just his presence.

Chief Nolan was my immediate supevisor not only was he my boss he was my friend - I miss him dearly and will forever have in my heart!! To his family - God bless you all in this time! I can't even say enough about the type of person he was - you loved him the moment you met him - to those who knew him they know what I mean. He was a gentleman, caring, considerate - one of a kind for sure! "MY CHIEF" I will miss you!! God bless you - I LOVE YOU

This is devestating....I remember "meeting" Brian on the internet and we talked over the phone a lot. I was going to Cocoa Beach for work a few months after that and we set up a meeting about halfway between there and his home. He brought one of his first dioramas with him in the back of his truck. I thought it was one of the most amazing pieces of work I had ever seen. I asked him how long he had been modeling and he said about a year or so...pure talent...We'll miss you were one in a billion.

This is so very very tragic. I am writing as someone that did not really know Brian, but had the wonderful privilege of meeting him and experiencing his enthusiasm first hand in CSS workshops. He was such an entertainer, so willing to share his art, his loss is great to minor acquaintances like me, I can not fathom the loss to his true friends and family.

Brian, your infectious personality, compassion for others and great sense of humor will always be remembered! You will be missed by many! I had the pleasure of knowing you not only through work, but as a friend as well. I am blessed to have known you, and will remember all the great laughs we had! Rest in Peace my friend


We have lost a true friend and a wonderful artist.